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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Today Show - NYC

So, this morning, we got up super early to try to get some attention on NBC Today Show. We packed all of our pirate booty and sported our red jackets to try to get Al Roker to come over and talk to us on national tv. Mercedes and I had the pleasure of shaking Al Rokers hand. We waved our Jolly Roger sign (that's the only glued model sign that we had!) and saluted with our pirate sword and chalice, wore pirate crowns and pirate jewels. I know Julie and I finally got on camera in a crowd sweep (as seen by our friends and family) but they managed to shoot at an angle where the pirate mosaic went right over Mercedes face.

I know, it was a shameless act of Legoland Promotion, but it was worth the frozen toes! I heard that you could see us mouthing "LEGOLAND" on camera!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see some chicks into Lego.