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Friday, March 24, 2006

New York City - Model Builder Search Day!!!

Ok, so I think I REALLY had the most fun ever on this tour yet, today. We may not have had a huge turnout in NYC (this is my hometown... where were you guys?!?!?! ... I expected more from you... I won't hold a grudge, I still luv-ya... NJ/NY) BUT ...

Debra Winger, the amazing and talented actress was our celebrity judge for this venue, with her son, Babe. Let me just say that Babe could have won this competition without a doubt, if only he was about 10 years older (it is a job requirment to be 18 years old.) He built a hilarious hospital scene with a man that had experienced a mishap with a chainsaw (reminds me of good times with LEGO and my little brother). Thank goodness his mom is the creative type like me... Such fun!

I'll definately post pictures later!

Oh yeah, and enough about me and my new buddy, Babe, we really did have some incredibly talented LEGO Builders come out for the job. We chose 2 finalists who built their hearts out today. They built great models and Julie Estrada, our PR Rep Extroirdinaire, has them booked to do a live shot on tv tomorrow...


I must get my beauty sleep, despite my jetlag denial; I will update after, and pics too, I swear!

Oh, and I know its out of context, but I just noticed this video link from our fun morning on tv in Sacramento:

Kristi Klein snaps the UPN 31 Logo while Julie says all the important stuff

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