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Monday, March 27, 2006

I Love New York!

Well, this is our last nite in New York. I grew up right outside this wonderful city and it was absolutely my pleasure to come out here and work for my company. My immediate family has moved out to California, but I still have some very dear friends and family that still live here and have been the most gracious of hosts. There has been as much love and hospitality here as any southerner can imagine (look out Dallas - MODEL BUILDER SEARCH is coming to your town next!)

I would like to share a couple links of some of my favorite people and places:
Eliot Morgan, from the Alex Grey Museum, was proud to exhibit the amazing collection of his uncle, Ralph Dorazio's body of work:
Ralph Dorazio wood sculpture
Dorazio is a great artist with wonderfully sensitive wood turned work who was blessed with someone who could care for his legacy with the utmost respect to ensure that his art lives on in the hearts of people who appreciate it.

Oh and don't let me forget to mention Alex Grey. His artwork is indescribably touching with a sensitivity all to its own...
Alex Grey Gallery website NYC

Also, one of the last great (and truly underground) jazz venues in NYC, "Smalls" owned and operated by Mitch Borden, reminded me of the passion that drives true artists. This is a place that I have visited since it opened over 12 years ago. The acoustics and sound are so wonderul and it is great place to remember the essence of art. (thanks guys for refreshing my memory on great music that comes from the soul - hope I helped by splitting the cab with the stand up bass!)

And one person who deserves a round of applause (probably a standing ovation!) is Julie Estrada's dad who played with his band tonight at Carnegie Hall! I can see that talent and showmanship run in the family!

We love NYC. Hopefully we left a trail of LEGO here, just like we did in our last 5 cities. 2 more cities to go on MODEL BUILDER SEARCH - stay tuned!

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