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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

News, Brooke Shields, News

The tree lighting was awesome... Brooke Shields our VIP guest arrived with her two beautiful children... and Lauren Holly with her 3 (4-5 year old) adopted boys.

and do you believe this?!?!? there was a group of about 50 foster children that attended the event - that's right all my spoiled friends, NO parents. The 5 kids in the picture with Brooke and Lauren are a sibling group of 5 FOSTER Kids that are looking for some parents. Maybe we can get the Dave Thomas Foundation (our partner/charity) some exposure and a family or couple can help these guys stay together! Hopefully, I am going to adopt a couple kids some day (soon), maybe I can rescue some siblings from having to be apart in this world... This kills me... I wish I could take the little sweeties home... Hang in there, kids...

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