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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

LEGOLAND Tour Pictures

Ok, so I have never seen LEGOLAND guest pictures that are as amazing and THOROUGH as these! Every LEGO Model that has been created or refurbished since I began working at LEGOLAND 3 years ago has a CLOSE_UP in this gal's on-line gallery... and the photos are GREAT! This person took photos of every little detail...

Check out the pix:


***UPDATE*** These photos were taken by Diana Wong, a guest who traveled all the way from Singapore! Her husband also took some GREAT SHOTS, too! I'm glad they had a great time...

Check out his shots HERE!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for featuring my brickshelf. As a AFOL and traveling all the way from Singapore, I need to capture all the best memories on my camera in LEGOland.

I have a little request, I am a gals like you, can you update your blog to change it to "gal's" and not "guy's"?

My hubby also took a lot of pics, we were both snapping away as much as our cameras can take. Please chk out his brickshelf too!

Thanks so much and keep up all the great work at LEGOLand. I simply love that place!

Diana Wong aka DVirus
Singapore, S0937FG

Vegan Mom Blog said...

Absolutely! Great shots! I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip!