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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Planning Not Playing Now...

It's been a little while since I posted anything here... maybe because I completely switched gears, hats, uniforms... We are on a completely new project right now. Not too much to talk about, yet, but really cool! You probably can hear things about that on other LEGO fan sites or come by LEGOLAND California to see whats going on. Its been all over that LEGOLAND is looking to open in Kansas or somewhere and that's pretty cool, too.

Anyway, I'm going to redo the site and post some pictures when things start being built in the Model Shop!

Oh and the New Model Builder is doing alright, too. (the whole reason I started this site... the Search for the LEGOLAND Model Builder...) No, really, Jason is doing really great! I've barely been able to get to know him, because he has been so busy helping restore the Builder's Guild Castle that you can build on AND he has become
The Mayor of Miniland
as I've called him. He wants a costume, now. I'm soooo glad we have a new guy that enjoys taking care of Miniland... he makes sure it is a REAL little World. All the Landscapers, Water People, Animators and Maintenance Dept. etc make this beautiful set for the most awesome Mini-LEGO World in the United States, but the Model Builder Makes the Stories and Scenes... the Minilanders are the Actors...

I got some time to take care of Miniland this Summer... so much fun! There's a traffic jam in NYC, there are guys working on a construction project in the harbor, and Mini people are beginning to come back into the Daytona Camper Parking... ok well, I'm excited, anyway...

Hopefully I can post som pics soon!

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