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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pirates Open At Last!

The ride opened today. Everything looked really great. We made it.

I am pretty proud of my Pirate Mouse Fort. It is just like "Squirrel Manor" next door at Wild Woods Golf. I had a great time hunting for props & treasure for stockade scenes, Mouse Fort etc. as well as my favorite Pirate hangout, the Camp Scene. George, Laney and I wrangled 5 pirates, 2 jaguars, 2 monkeys, 17 bags of concrete, a full sized handmade Tiki Hut (by Lainey!)all kinds of furniture, props, fake food, Birdcage complete with LEGO Parrot, barrels et CETERA and like Magic... everything is frozen in time at the Pirate Camp.

I'm taking it easy now, however, there are still alot of loose ends to tie up and pictures to post...

For now, links:
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