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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


And the winner of the build-off on live tv is.....

Me with the completed "Good Morning Arizona" Mosaic - done mostly on air!

Our 2 out of 3 Finalists competing against each other on air:

Here's what my mosaic looked like the night before (yikes, think I'm gonna finish? I have my doubts, but somehow I always manage to bring it home!)

Live broadcast from Art Institute of Phoenix with build-off between 2 finalists, Gary and Kevin, a mosaic logo made by me, local kids playing (who all rocked by the way!) Their weather guy, Brad, was hilarious and fun sending live shots from his camera guy, Gibby. I think we had the most fun yet on this event!

Only 2 Finalists were able to join us. Our MBS Finalist, Zaccariah, could not attend. Gary won with the all local kids voting for him. (Don't worry, the build-off is just for fun! - The Legoland Building Job is still anyone's prize.)

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