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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Model Builder Search Phoenix, AZ - 3 More Finalists!

Same day, 8 hours later - Mercedes ready for the applicants!

Another successful day of Model Builder Searching... 3 more Finalists take their spots among the best of the best LEGO builders from across the country. Check them out here:

Click HERE to see the 3 Phoenix Finalists

Again, there were WAY more than 3 talented LEGO builders that came out for this competition. There were 2 guys that I recognized from other cities and one of them actually made it as a finalist this time! I am SO glad he tried again. The other gentleman was SOOOOOO close it kills me. If only you could have finished your model this time...

Hey applicants, there is still NYC, Dallas and Chicago - you may try out again!

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