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Friday, February 28, 2014

DUPLO Waterfall Jungle Tunnel

This might be the perfect day to play with our LEGO DUPLO jungle tunnel.

You can see all the Cars waiting to drive through the tunnel on the right and note he used LEGO inside his DUPLO structure. 

He was once a LEGO Master Model Builder...

He is very good at building cool things that are made well, too. Check out his awesome inter-locking skills... crunch crunch.

His tunnel has a waterfall on top.

He used some fencing to make it feel more like a racetrack.

There are lots of printed bricks hidden on this tunnel.

My favorite piece is the rubbery vines. We only had one, but Grammy had 2 more. Yes, Grammy has quite a LEGO and DUPLO collection, too. She gave most of her excess DUPLO to us and just kept her favorite pieces.

I like how the roads from my childhood LEGO are back in the mix.

That is my rug cleaning robot in the background. I use a robot so I can clean less and play more! If only it would put itself away... Oh well, at least my rug is clean!

The little guy LOVES this setup!

He hasn't played with the DUPLO too much, but he loves the racetrack.

We love DUPLO!

We are getting ready for the big race!

Knock knock!

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