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Friday, November 29, 2013 Sales and Deals Black Friday

Many Chima sets are on sale for 50% off, right now, and you can score FREE shipping at!

Here are some of the other deals going on:

FREE Limited Edition Holiday Set with purchase of $99 or more. Only Valid 11.29.13 - 12.2.13

FREE $10 Gift Card with purchase of $149 or more. Only Valid 11.29.13 - 12.2.13

FREE Shipping on all orders (no minimum). Only Valid 11.29.13 - 12.2.13

Receive a THE LEGO® MOVIE™ poster sticker to customize your Palace Cinema. Valid through 12.31.13

FREE Exclusive Clone Trooper™ Lieutenant with LEGO® Star Wars™ purchases of $50 or more! Valid through 12.31.13 or while supplies last.

**Offers Combinable for Qualifying Orders - No Codes Required**

Here is the list for what is on sale. A lot of these are sold out, already, though, and there is no real section on the site to see all of them. You must actually click on the product to see the sale price.

ProductThemeDescriptionDiscount Amount
10557LEGO® DUPLO®LEGO® DUPLO® Giant Tower50%
70011LEGO® ChimaEagle's Castle50%
5000248LEGO® Storage3-Drawer Storage Unit50%
5001164LEGO® StorageLEGO FRIENDS 3-Drawer Storage Unit50%
3920LEGO® The Hobbit™The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™50%
5002679LEGO® ChimaLEGO® Legends of Chima Classic Backpack50%
70115LEGO® ChimaUltimate Speedor Tournament50%
6051LEGO® DUPLO®LEGO® DUPLO® Play with Letters50%
21201Life of George50%
5002677LEGO® Moleskine 2014 Large Daily Planner50%
850506Card Making Kit50%
5002676LEGO® Moleskine 2014 Large Weekly Planner50%
5002675LEGO® Moleskine 2014 Daily Pocket Planner50%
70113LEGO® ChimaCHI Battles50%
70114LEGO® ChimaSky Joust50%
850775LEGO® ChimaLEGO® Legends of Chima™ Speedorz™ Storage Bag50%
5002195LEGO® NinjagoLEGO® Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Season Two50%
5002202LEGO® Super HeroesLEGO® Batman - The Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite DVD50%
5002674LEGO® Moleskine 2014 Weekly Pocket Planner50%
850797Classic Wall Stickers50%
70100LEGO® ChimaRing of Fire50%
70101LEGO® ChimaTarget Practice50%
70102LEGO® ChimaCHI Waterfall50%
70103LEGO® ChimaBoulder Bowling50%
70104LEGO® ChimaJungle Gates50%
70105LEGO® ChimaNest Dive50%
70106LEGO® ChimaIce Tower50%
70107LEGO® ChimaSkunk Attack50%
70108LEGO® ChimaRoyal Roost50%
70109LEGO® ChimaWhirling Vines50%
70110LEGO® ChimaTower Target50%
70111LEGO® ChimaSwamp Jump50%
70112LEGO® ChimaCroc Chomp50%
853393LEGO® FriendsLEGO® Friends Picture Frame50%
5002198LEGO® Star Wars™LEGO® Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Out50%
850487Halloween Accessory Set50%
850611LEGO® ChimaCragger Shield50%
850614LEGO® ChimaLaval Shield50%
850777LEGO® ChimaLEGO® Legends of Chima™ Accessory Set50%
6758LEGO® DUPLO®Grow Caterpillar Grow!50%
6760LEGO® DUPLO®Let's Go! Vroom!50%
10559LEGO® DUPLO®A Fairy Tale50%
2856205LEGO® StorageLEGO® Portable Storage Case with Baseplate (BLUE)50%
2856206LEGO® StorageLEGO® Portable Storage Case with Baseplate (RED)50%
850612LEGO® ChimaCragger Sword50%
41001LEGO® FriendsMia's Magic Tricks50%
41002LEGO® FriendsEmma's Karate Class50%
9678LEGO® Star Wars™Twin-Pod Cloud Car™ & Bespin™50%
853144LEGO® 2x4 Brick Coin Bank50%
40052Springtime Scene50%
5001261LEGO® StorageLEGO® Sorting Trays50%
850682LEGO® The HobbitLEGO® The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ Bilbo Baggins™ Magnet50%
850681LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ Frodo Baggins™ Magnet50%
853375LEGO® CityLEGO® City Firefighter Key Chain50%
5685LEGO® DUPLO®Vet50%
850453LEGO® Monster FightersLEGO® Monster Fighters The Monster Key Chain50%
853403LEGO® NinjagoLEGO® Ninjago Hypnobrai Key Chain50%
850443LEGO® NinjagoLEGO® Ninjago Key Chain Snake50%
850529LEGO® Super HeroesLEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Loki Key Chain50%
850680LEGO® The HobbitLEGO® The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey™ Bilbo Baggins™ Key Chain50%
850674LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™ Frodo Baggins™ Key Chain50%
850800Hedgehog Bag Charm50%
71001LEGO® MinifiguresLEGO® Minifigures Series 1050%
71000LEGO® MinifiguresLEGO® Minifigures Series 950%
853240Minifigure Wrapping Paper50%
79010LEGO® The HobbitThe Goblin King Battle30%
79002LEGO® The HobbitAttack of the Wargs30%
70003LEGO® ChimaEris' Eagle Interceptor23%
10230LEGO® Creator ExpertMini Modulars20%
3818LEGO® SpongeBob™Bikini Bottom Undersea Party20%
21004LEGO® ArchitectureSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum®20%
21007LEGO® ArchitectureRockefeller Plaza®20%
70012LEGO® ChimaRazar's CHI Raider20%
6231LEGO® Hero FactorySPEEDA DEMON20%
5766LEGO® CreatorLog Cabin20%
70002LEGO® ChimaLennox's Lion Attack20%
6230LEGO® Hero FactorySTORMER XL20%
3817LEGO® SpongeBob™The Flying Dutchman20%
21000LEGO® ArchitectureWillis Tower20%
3816LEGO® SpongeBob™Glove World20%
3183LEGO® FriendsStephanie's Cool Convertible20%
3815LEGO® SpongeBob™Heroic Heroes of the Deep20%
6223LEGO® Hero FactoryBULK20%
6283LEGO® Hero FactoryVOLTIX20%
3939LEGO® FriendsMia's Bedroom20%
6221LEGO® Hero FactoryNEX20%
6282LEGO® Hero FactorySTRINGER20%
41017LEGO® FriendsSquirrel's Tree House20%
41018LEGO® FriendsCat's Playground20%
41019LEGO® FriendsTurtle's Little Oasis20%
41020LEGO® FriendsHedgehog's Hideaway20%
41021LEGO® FriendsPoodle's Little Palace20%
41022LEGO® FriendsBunny's Hutch20%
41023LEGO® FriendsFawn's Forest20%
41024LEGO® FriendsParrot's Perch20%
41025LEGO® FriendsPuppy's Playhouse20%
31000LEGO® CreatorMini Speeder20%
31001LEGO® CreatorMini Skyflyer20%
70006LEGO® ChimaCragger's Command Ship19%
70009LEGO® ChimaWorriz' Combat Lair11%
70008LEGO® ChimaGorzan's Gorilla Striker10%

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