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Saturday, October 05, 2013

Custom DUPLO Trains by the Toddler and DIY Train Table Tunnels

So the toddler is building some custom trains! I think he's becoming a little LEGO guy. Daddy built a couple tunnels to go on the train table, too. 

It is so easy to make train tunnels when you have some of these: LEGO DUPLO Building Plates 4632

Then, you just stack bricks to raise up the DUPLO plates and make simple tunnels. My track is taped down, but the tunnels aren't. I should probably tape those down, too, but the little guy doesn't seem to care if they fall on the floor and break. I know, a little border around the table would help the tunnels stay, but we have other plans for an upgraded train table.

Stay tuned for our big train table plans, too...

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