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Monday, October 28, 2013

CREEPY Food - My Halloween Skull and Scary Lasagnas

We had a little going away party, yesterday, for one of our best friends. In face he is probably the person who I used to write about most on this blog, besides my own family. It is sad when your bestie leaves you, but it makes it a little more fun to "scare him away!" since he is leaving right before Halloween.

I had pre-made a couple lasagnas, especially for Halloween, so this was the perfect reason to throw them in the oven! They are SCAAAAARRRY lasagnas. Made of peeeeeeople!!!!

Here is the lasagnas when we made them a couple weeks ago, prior to freezing. We ate the voodoo guy on the right, right away...

Here's the spread, last night, with our Skull Veggie Platter.

If you like the Skull Veggie Platter, you can check that out, HERE.

This one has the Voodoo Doll Lasagna and shows a little more of how I made them.

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