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Sunday, August 25, 2013

New Daddy DIY DUPLO Train Table

Hubby just raised up the DUPLO train table to an acceptable height for a toddler, using 2x4s and the original hardware for the original legs for this table. I am keeping the legs in storage, that way maybe I can have my arts and crafts table back again, someday.

Here's our layout...

The rubber duckies are going for a ride! 

The toddler is having SO much fun with this improved train table! We got all of our Duplo Trains on eBay. It seems like you can score the best deals there.

I am now search for a bridge for our track, like the one that comes in the LEGO Lego-Duplo Deluxe Train Set 10508, and probably more track and supplies to make a bigger train table. It depends if this continues to be a preferred toy, in our house, I suppose.

Oh and here's how I scotch taped the tracks down to keep everything from sliding.

So fun!

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