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Friday, April 05, 2013

LEGOLAND Florida with a Toddler

I just got back from LEGOLAND Florida. My husband had to work, there, so my 15 month old son and I spent 3 days exploring and playing together there. I was part of the original crew that created and installed all the LEGO models and Miniland and worked at the LEGOLAND construction site the year I was pregnant with my son. It was fun to go back and enjoy it together while he is actually walking!

After spending 3 days at LEGOLAND Florida, we found everything that a toddler could do, there, and we did it, twice. We didn't do the water park in this trip, so we will review that separately later on.

Here is my list of rides, play areas, attractions and shows for toddlers at LEGOLAND:

The Beginning:
The Island in the Sky - See the whole park with the whole family on this ride as there are no height restrictions (unless you are afraid of heights!)

* Hit the The Market Restaurant first thing in the morning for fruit and coffee.

Fun Town:
The Grand Carousel
4D Theatre - Toddlers who will wear 3D glasses will enjoy. A little scary but my 1 year old loved it!
Fresh From Florida Greenhouse - Take a little stroller stroll through here.

DUPLO Village:
Granny's Jalopies - Adorable old-fashioned carnival car ride
Big Rig Rally - Same as Jalopies but with trucks to ride instead of Jalopies
Duplo Farm - Covered play areas with slides and DUPLO bricks. Too bad they don't enclose this and use air-conditioning :)
Duplo Playtown - Non-covered play area for little ones.

Duplo Farm and Duplo Playtown

Land of Adventure:
Pharoah's Revenge - supposed to be ok for a 2 year old, according to the sign, but if the big kids take it over, it is not. 
The Lost Kingdom Adventure - 30" Height restriction to ride with an adult. A little scary! Buy your toddler's first ride photo, here. I got the magnet and it is SO cute!
Safari Trek - 34" height restriction. See LEGO safari animals from a little jeep that seats 2.

Shorties can get on this ride! Only 30" tall can ride Lost Kingdom Adventure.

Make sure to buy your baby's first ride photo here, too!

Auntie designed this!

Miniland USA:
Miniland - Toddlers will love the cars and boats moving in this area which can be enjoyed in or out of the stroller. You can take almost an hour here with a toddler!

LEGO City:
Boating School - 34" height restriction. Outdoor boat ride in 2 person boat.
Big Test - Live show (outdoors/covered)

Talk to the LEGO Minifigs in LEGO City (because you need to be a little bigger to do anything else, here)

Pirate's Cove:
Live Pirate Ski Show - My toddler is nuts about this show! It is so much fun to watch the waterskiers and the life-sized minifigs captured my 1 year old's attention. He love the music and effects, too. You will get splashed if you sit up front and the little ones may not like the pyrotechnics that close (a couple of fireworks in the show), but we loved it so much we watched it twice!

Make sure to take your toddler's picture in the treasure chest that is up the hill a bit from the Ski Show!

Cypress Gardens:
The gardens a beautiful place to enjoy in a stroller or on foot with a toddler.

Toddlers can totally enjoy LEGOLAND Florida. We can't wait to go back!

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