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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LEGOLAND Florida for a Vegetarian

Just got back from Florida with my toddler and thought I'd recount every place us vegetarians ate there in the 3 days that we visited while my husband worked there. We did not go hungry and we were able to eat pretty healthy while we were there. I also brought along lots of organic fruit and veggie pouches to make sure the little guy had healthy snacks.

Here is every place that has Vegetarian offerings at LEGOLAND Florida:
The Market Restaurant has a lot of vegetarian offerings for the entire family.
Pizza & Pasta Buffet has a salad bar, cheese and veggie pizzas and vegetarian pasta.

Salad bar at Pizza & Pasta

I-Zone Panini - has a mozzeralla, tomato, basil and balsamic panini and you don't have to buy the meal (ask and they will give you the price without the chips and drink)
Granny's Apple Fries - A treat that is unique to LEGOLAND parks in the US.
Sunny's Ice Cream Shop - Cones and scoops
Fun Town Slushies
Waffle Spears - a delicious sweet treat
Lakeside Sandwich Company - Pre-packaged salads, Smuckers Un-Crustables, Fruit cups and apple bags, Hummus and Mediterranean Salad wrap


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! We went there today and it was helpful to know where to look for lunch. I don't recommend the panini! They press them without oil and it was overly done, and scraped up my mouth behind my teeth! And it wasn't very tasty (not bad, just bland). There is a Tijuana Flats restaurant just outside the entrance to the park that has a lot of vegetarian options. We had dinner there and it was really good! Plus kids eat free if you show your Legoland tickets!

Vegan Mom Blog said...

You're welcome, Melissa! I guess theme park food is theme park food, right? Maybe they are trying to make the panini healthier without oil??

YES, Tijauna Flats was one of my favorites when I worked on setting up the park. My tummy didn't always like it, though, haha.

What a great tip on the FREE lunches for kids!!! Thank you! Maybe I will write a post so others know about this :)