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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Toys R Us LEGO Class Action Lawsuit

I thought this was interesting, since I post all the deals and freebies at Toys R Us on my site. There is a class action lawsuit against Toys R Us for deceptive sales practices involving LEGO freebies... Have you ever went for free LEGO at Toys R Us and gotten the run-around? I haven't, but I buy most of my LEGO at LEGOLAND, but this guy has:
Probert claims he was lured to the Toys “R” Us website to purchase four Lego building sets, worth $62 and $112 each, based on an ad promising he would receive $15 Lego building set as a free gift with purchase. Instead, Probert was offered a $5 Christmas tree figurine and a $5 magnet, the class action lawsuit says.
Probert alleges in the Toys “R” Us class action lawsuit that the toy seller never intended to provide any of the $15 free Lego sets they promised, or stocked so few of them that only a small number of customers would actually receive them.
Join the class action if you feel you were ripped off! 

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