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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Taking a Baby to a LEGOLAND California and Juppy Giveaway

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My son was just a couple months old when we took him to LEGOLAND for the first time. He has always been good in his stroller and loves to see the all the neat people and things around him.
Fairy Tale Brook and Coast Cruise are 2 of the rides we go on at LEGOLAND California.
Since there isn't a whole lot to do at the LEGOLAND when you are under 2 years old, we usually head over to Sea Life for a walk through. He loves watching the fish. I feel like we could stay in there for hours with him. It's not often that something entertains him for that long.
I just found out about the Juppy Baby Walker. It is a cute little "sack" for lack of a better term, that has handles and allows your baby to "walk" while you hold the handles (saving your back!)
I thought this might be a great idea to have on hand for our next theme park visit, especially at Disney, where a 9 month old must stand in line for what must seem like an eternity to get on some rides.
I also like the idea of using the Juppy while you wait for older kids to get off of a roller coaster. The Juppy has provided my son with a great deal of entertainment while encouraging him to walk. We could definitely kill some time with it if we had to.
You can check out my review of the The Juppy Baby Walker and also enter for a chance to win one over at my other stomping ground,

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