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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

LEGO Friends still stirring up controversy

I get the emails from Care2Causes every day. A lot of times I sign their petitions or read the success stories and news in the daily newsletter. Today, LEGO Friends was featured in the women's rights section of the newsletter. You can guess that the feminists feel that this line celebrates stereotypes women have been fighting for hundreds of years to shake off.

Many people seem to be offended that LEGO presented this ultra-girly line, where ladyfigs, instead of minifigs, rule. I, like many others, think it's commendable that there is now a full spectrum of building sets in the LEGO aisle, from your pretty and adorable LEGO Friends, to their creepy Monster Fighters. Plus, these LEGO pieces will fit with ALL the other sets, so the color palette and possibilities of your LEGO collection has greatly increased.

Personally, I would have loved these sets as a little girl. Of course I built just as well without these as a child, but let's just say that my parents would not have gotten off easy with these sets because I would have wanted THEM ALL!!!!

Unfortunately, I always had to have a family when I played, something this line is completely lacking in a land filled only with women. I probably would have integrated my minifigs into "Heartlake Village" even with their awkward size difference.

I think what these feminists are missing is that there are "girly girls" or boys and girls that tip towards the cute pinks, purples, puppies and ice cream that this line is dishing out. By allowing your child to choose which set interests him or her, creative play ensues. Just don't take the Star Wars set out of your little girls hand, and replace with the beauty salon, and your little feminist will be just fine.

Will I allow my son to play with these sets when he is older, if he wishes?

I suppose I will suck it up and encourage him to build what he likes, but, don't be surprised if you find me playing with them, too!

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