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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Are you looking for a job? Adult LEGO Enthusisiast AS WELL AS Impeccable Craftsman? (I know all of my AFOLs will have your eye on this one, but the Artisan Skilled Trade and Craftsman LEGO folks are going to have a one up on you, so you better get busy with your porfolio! ;)

We are going to be hiring, folks!!!

DATE: TBD - looking more like will be date #1... JUNE 12th

JUNE 24th is the date - No really - clear your schedules for 24th and 25th if you think you got this one. (Do I keep this updated or what?!)

The 24th is Round 1 and you should expect to spend all day. If you make it through the first cut, you will have a blast on the BIG event on the 25th - building your heart out for 2 hours, competing for a job & building things out of LEGO in a unique experience.

PLACE: Here in Carlsbad at LEGOLAND California
JOB OBJECTIVE: Our team makes things out of LEGO.

HOW TO GET THE JOB: If you want a job working with a LEGO Model Making Team, fill out a profile online at Employment Opportunities

Adult LEGO Enthusiasts, Adults who have amazing LEGO portfolios from when you were children, Artists, Craftsman, Sculptors, Fabricators (steel armitures for models), Organized Storage person (Inventory system data entry expert), *** Team Player - we have job openings coming up!

Be a part of things Made out of LEGO and MADE IN THE USA

for a company that cares abot the evironment (and a fun, work atmosphere)... too good to be true, but it's real.

More Information to follow on Brick Star.

FAQS I've composed from questions and comments that have been raised here:

* JOB APPLICANTS ONLY? Please do not apply if you do not want a REAL job NOW. It's a real job. Not a contest or a competition for a prize. You will win a job and have to give your 2 weeks notice at your current job or get yourself off unemployment and clock in at a Model Shop in Carlsbad in July 2009. Sweet!

** WHO ARE WE? We are part of the MERLIN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP just like LEGOLAND CA, we are affiliated in every sort of way and they are our best friends (and favorite customers since we make alot of the LEGO models that go into the LLC Theme Park!). However, we are part of The Merlin Studios where the creative developments in our company happen. Pretty neat stuff.

*** WHERE ARE YOU? We report to a large, professional worshop about 2 miles away from LEGOLAND CA. This is NOT a job at LEGOLAND CA Model Shop. For those that have emailed me about that, we are a project based team that is part of the same company and also in Carlsbad - but any experience or preconcieved notions based upon knowledge of such experiences or viewing through the lovely glass window in Miniland USA of LEGOLAND Parks Model Shop may be incorrect as we do not support the Park, Grounds or Mainetance Dept.

**** PAID TO PLAY? We aren't just PAID TO PLAY... hahaha! We are a pretty hard-working, tightly knit team that has the best collection of LEGO - EVER and a pretty fantastic portfolio of artwork under our belts in our 2 years of production! We specialize in making LEGO Minilands, but will pretty much build anything out of LEGO if our company has the budget!!! You can see all the proof here on Brick Star.

***** PR/MARKETING/PRESS/COMMERICIAL Inquiries: No we do not do commercial work - AND talk to LEGOLAND CA's Marketing Dept.

****** LEGOLAND MALAYSIA? If you live closer to Malaysia than to California, then you should apply for a job, there, instead, and save money on travel. We are building LEGOLAND Malaysia there right now and they will also be opening a large LEGO Modelbuilding Shop to create all the LEGO sculptures and scale model that will decorate that theme park. Far out, huh?!?!

Questions and Emails welcome - just leave contact info in comments section :)


Mandy Jouan said...

awesome! Im so rusty though! I will get out the ol' blocks and start practicing my spheres...

Vegan Mom Blog said...

Once you have a few spheres, you could build a lemur or a frog out of LEGO!!! :)

zeta said...

I have studied sculpture, I am interested in working in legoland malaysia Where can I sign