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Saturday, May 16, 2009

LEGOLAND Windsor - Round 1

Where do I begin!?!?!?! Just spend the day at LEGOLAND Windsor and I have way too many photos to post all at once! I thought I'd start by paying homage to our colleagues there in their Model Making Workshop, which is a similar to the fishbowl I used to work in at LL California. The public can walk right up and look at them while they are at work, bang on the glass, demand attention every day of the week during open hours. I feel for you guys. At the same time, they are concentrating their best efforts to produce beautiful sculpture, artwork, scale models and decoration for this wonderful theme park. BRILLIANT WORK, LLW MODEL BUILDERS!!!

Next, I'm posting pics of my hands down favorite Miniland city at LLW - Miniland London. A few years ago, LLW and LL Billund teamed up and upgraded this city and the results are fantastic!

Not bad, huh? Many more pics to come!!!

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