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Thursday, March 26, 2009



So I'm off to Brickfest, today! I've never been to one of these LEGO fan conventions, but I hear they are fantastic. I am going to take 1000 pictures and post them all here... well, I'll try, anyway ;)

My goal is to get out there and talk to people that love to build with LEGO. It's quite possible that we will be tripling our workforce in the next few months as we staff up to build thousands of models for LEGOLAND Malaysia and other LEGOLAND and Merlin Entertainments Group attractions. I feel really lucky that during these tough economic times our company has confidence in us to continue crafting LEGO models Made in the USA.

So if you're company just outsourced your job to India, you were passed over on a $1 million dollar bailout bonus, and you need a new gig, think about coming down to beautiful Southern California, picking up a house for 1/2 price, and you'll start looking 10 years younger in no time (that's what happens when you are paid to build things out of LEGO for a living!)

If you happen to be in Portland this weekend, stop by and hammer me with questions about the job! I love talking about it :)

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