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Friday, August 08, 2008

Chicago at Night

Here are some night shots I took. They may be a little bit different from the actual experience because I took these without the house lights on and before the day/night lighting was programmed...


Sarah said...

Awesome! I love all the details! Like the dogs surrounding the mail carrier, too cute!
Can you tell us how you do the lights in the lamp posts and the lights on the side of the buildings? Do you modify the Lego and install like lights one would use for a doll house? Or are they exclusive light up Lego like the ones that came out a few years ago that gave us the light up light sabers and flashlights?

Vegan Mom Blog said...

We use LED's, Wheat Bulbs, Light bulbs... we don't use LEGO for the electrical on these displays because of the long operating hours. We use standard lighting in miniature and everything has to be wired by hand by one of our craftsman :)