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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Place to Chill...

So we are still spending our days creating our version of Chicago in Miniature at the Discovery Centre... I think I just about got the El Train tracks lined up and ready to be locked down, as my crew is wiring streetlights into our grid. Public transportation is going to be a piece of cake in our mini-city, since we extended the route for the children's enjoyment...

This is a great pic of a rooftop patio in our little apartment building - what a great place for a minifig to chill & a great place for me to live right now in my imagination...


Bricktales said...

Hey Kristi,

Are the displays at the Discovery Centers in minifig scale or miniland scale? The site says "miniland", but all of the images I've seen seem to be fig-scale. Just wondering if I should be blogging these on MinilandBricks.


Unknown said...


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Vegan Mom Blog said...

Hi Bruce,
All Discovery Centres are Minifig scale in their Miniland Rooms. I think it probably has to do with the fact that these are much smaller attractions that the LEGOLAND them parks... and even in Minifig scale we had a problem stuffing everything in!