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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Bro!!!

I know, it's been while since I posted... but I came across this pic of my little bro, who I love so much, from a little over 10 years ago & it's his 17th birthday! Happy Birthday Jay!!!

I had thrown this castle together for him one night so that he could play with his action figures in it & he loved it. I just got a comment posted from my coworker/buddy from LEGOLAND, Jorge's family in Argentina (I've posted pics of him from time to time) & it reminded me how great family is and how much I love my family and love this blog.

Things have been so busy for me and the team lately. Maybe you've heard about the LEGOLAND Discovery Centers that are opening up... if not, there is going to be one open this summer in Chicago. I have been working with the best team ever putting all the pieces together for the Miniland room. We are making a miniature city of Chicago all out of LEGO!

I will certainly try to add some pics and updates soon, but so much has changed in my life and my job (which I still love, too!) that it is almost like a different person used to be working on this blog. Maybe, just like with family, you can spend a good deal of time apart, but you can always go back home.

& maybe it's time for you to visit Argentina again, too, Jorge! I think they miss you :)

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