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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Luv Los Angeles, Denmark.

The first time I went to LEGOLAND Billund I was amazed at the cool Los Angeles area. I remember seeing these great little Victorian houses in LEGO.

Being a former Angelino myself, I recalled driving by these houses and pondered upon how this adorable Victorian style neighborhood popped up in the city, out of nowhere, only to find that these houses were transplanted from all over LA, to be preserved on a street on a hill together.

What a cute idea! I'm glad they found this street called The Heritage Square Museum and reproduced it in LEGO, to be preserved at LEGOLAND, too.

Hale House. Originally located at 4425 North Figueroa Street, the Hale House was moved to Heritage Square in 1970. This Queen Anne-Eastlake style residence dates to circa 1885. L.A. Historic Cultural Monument 40.

Heritage Square Museum Street

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Bricktales said...

You know, I lived in Pasadena for a few years and drove past that every day and never knew what it was (you can see this street from the freeway, if it's what I'm thinking of). Now I wish I'd checked it out.