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Sunday, July 15, 2007

No More Brickshelf?

I'm really sad right now... One of my most favoritest websites in the world is no more. Why? Noone has answers, yet...

Is it a hack? A power play? Has the webmaster lost it? Maybe it is a lawsuit, or blackmail or slap in the face to the abusers of all the free picture posting space... 'that's what you get for being cheap!' - Or a LESSON for everyone to learn the hard way to back up your pics at home! Ouch.

What an unusual ending for such a popular fansite. Sorry for all my broken links in the posts of the past.

Goodbye - you will be missed.

1 comment:

Fabio Fiss said...

This is incredible isn't it?!
A lot of blogs and forums are talking about that!

There is a massive reaction from the LEGO community and yet no official report from the Brickshelf other then a goodbye?

I hope (like everyone) that this is just temporary…

Fabio Fiss