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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

LEGOLAND Billund - Pirates

I visited LEGOLAND Billund (in Denmark) a couple years ago and it was a fantastic experience. I got to tour the park, work with the Model Designers there, play in a giant trough of bricks at the LEGOLAND Hotel.... I dove into the bin and hoarded all the blue DUPLO (double sized LEGO for the litte ones) so I could build a giant bird to set on their display.

Anyway, I just found a new gallery of the LEGOLAND Billund (in Denmark) Pirate Ride. It is a dark ride with lots of model scenes and a few very large models made entirely out of DUPLO, like a pirate ship and a fort (both life size!)

Check it out: LEGOLAND Billund Pirate Ride

I really like DUPLO, it reminds me of painting on a giant canvas with a big brush, where it is possible to do something really impressive in a short period of time.

My college painting teacher once asked me why I painted on small canvas and I told him it was because it would fit in my car (2 seater!) He demanded that I start painting on canvas that would NOT fit in my car.

So here's me driving down the freeway, eating a sandwich, talking on my cell phone, ridiculously large canvas tied to my roof, paint stuck in my hair (and that stuff does not wash out, my friend, it must be picked out or pulled out)... but all in all, it was worth it.

My bold colorful style and sharp contrasts looked really striking when they were blown up to 7 foot dimensions. Maybe not gallery worthy, but hey, neither was the bird!

Those LL Hotel folks thought it was unacceptable that the goofy bird guy was too big to fit into the cubby and he was removed and smashed back into the play brick from which he came. C'est la vie!


Anonymous said...

Got to love that last pic; there's more adults than kids building! :D

Many years since I've been there myself, but I remember building an entire hotel out of Duplo, dwarfing most other creations put to display (this was before those shelves). Pity they ran out of bricks that very same night. :(

Vegan Mom Blog said...

Ha! Maybe you were the one to make them buy shelves and put size limits on those things...

I want to build something bigger than myself out of DUPLO the next chance I get!

Anonymous said...
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