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Friday, May 25, 2007

Good Neighbors

I was six, my mouse looked like he had a hairpiece, I built a whole variety of Fabuland model homes - I was a dork, but "Squeeky" the mouse was so cute and he was having a good time!!!

"Urban rooftop gardens before their time..." my hunny calls it. Check out the one in the background with the second story patio and the red umbrella...

The hamster belonged to my cool teenage cousin. I think he was the hamster that escaped from his cage on his way back to NYC and was pulled out of the trunk after a 2 hour search investigation.

I'm a geek, but HEY, at least I'm not at the Star Wars Convention ;)...

KIDDING! Here's some pics of the LEGO displays:
Star Wars LEGO Starwarsblog

...Please enlighten me with pics if there's any big awesome LEGO things there, Gary or anyone...

I'm sure I'll build something little and cheeky for LEGOLAND's Star Wars Event in June... I couldn't help myself last time...I worked on this little scene with the girls 2 years ago, when Episode 3 came out and we had a party at LL. What is more fitting than lining up mini-Star Wars fans camping out in front of a mini-hollywood theatre? Complete with lightsabers and laptopts in LEGO, we captured the humor in the dedication of these Star Wars fans in this very special display.

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