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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bird is the Word

As promised here are the pics of my bird centerpieces. I added a little honeysuckle, some spanish moss and some ficus leaves to the LEGO® birds, butterflies and flowers.

I love doing this stuff... anyone want to have a party/wedding here? We might be able to work something out, but I'm doing the decorating!

All the live material came from back of house at LEGOLAND (thanks landscaping!) - as fresh as can be! They grow beautiful things here throughout the park, but they would probably chase me with the weed wacker if I went after that front of house stuff... ;)

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Sn0w_MaN said...

hey kristi u did a very good job in ur legoland and all ur lego project is wonderful. I actually have something to ask u do free drop me an email.