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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to Work!

I've been taking it easy with the posting, right now... I worked so hard to keep ya posted on the Miniland Las Vegas project that I got a little burnt out on yacking about it here... but I'm glad to be gettin' back to the normal day to day, and I had some awesome long weekends with family and friends.

I have to decorate some tables for a luncheon this week and I will most definately post pics of that because I have a really cool idea of how to use the models and materials I have available. It involved sneaking around the admin offices and back of house for what I needed, but I found it! Then I have an industry event coming up, so there will be pics of that, too. Of course, we still have some surprises in store for Miniland Las Vegas (you thought we were done, but there's MORE!).

I will try to update on our new ride opening next month because we have some serious talent hard at work on the models and decoration for that...

thanks for reading!!!

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