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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Were not the only one's who were busy

LEGOLAND Deutschland just opened (for their season - they are closed during the winter) with "Land Der Piraten" following suit with the ever popular Pirate theme that was such a big hit here in LL California. Looks great, guys! I love the skull mountain.

Check out the pics HERE

And that's not all...

Legoland Discovery Centre is opening in Berlin on Saturday. The LEGOLAND Billund Team designed a spectacular miniature replica of Berlin (in 1 to 50 scale for the Minifigs to inhabit) which changes from day to night during your visit. The LEGOLAND Billund team designed this so you know it is going to be good! Welcome to the family!

A photo gallery HERE

Meanwhile... Billund is busy working on their Atlantis Attraction...

The fire department came in to help fill up the 140,000 gallon tank decorated with LEGO® models and soon to be home for the fishies.

So much going on... I just can't keep up! Here's to the beginning of our best seasons ever - Cheers!

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