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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I was getting used to being exhausted...

...and I've been re-energized. PR Team gave the Model Builder Team some appreciation at Karl Strauss, next door yesterday evening which was so amazing, plus it encouraged a few of us to be extra good sports in their media training class, today. I'm beginning to really like this stuff (talking to the media about my craft and my company, especially when it comes with a delicious free lunch... ; )

I can't begin to say how much the comraderie at Karl's and the PR class helped me get back into a good mindframe, today, too... I have been working so much on the craft and managing the team that I got a little rusty on my PR, but it jumpstarted things on my new building, too!

Rock and Roll - Brick Star - and PR Rules! Our new stuff is going to be BIG! Oh and MGM and a couple other hotels are partially in place in Miniland and they look fantastic!

and DON'T FORGET to Check out the status of the auctions! to buy an Official Retired Model... first time ever - Only a few pieces up for sale - and holy cow are they going fast! It's all for charity, too : )

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