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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Did You See Me & Mom on CBS Sunday Morning?

Another Brick Star moment... a couple weeks ago I spent time with John Blackstone, News Correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning (the national weekly news show). We ambushed my mom and got her in on the interview, too. I guess I'm at that age where it is not embarrassing at all when your mother pulls out pictures of your early years, even if I'm wearing braces and bad hair. I thought it was cute, and I guess they did too because they used 2 pics of me when I was a little girl playing with LEGO and a shot of her showing off the album with me looking on.

Here's the part about us from the transcripts:

Jill Kline gave her daughter Kristi her first Lego set more than 25 years ago, never imagining Kristi would someday win a nationwide competition for a job as a master model builder at the Legoland theme park in Carlsbad, Calif. Many people tell her that she should have become an architect.

"Working at Legoland is a lot more fun than being an architect," she said. "We have a lot more fun here."

And Kristi's not the only one indulging her Lego addiction into adulthood. Grown-up fans have created everything from a Web site illustrating the Bible using Lego to a rock video by French director Michel Gondry.

The LEGO Legacy

I loved the story, they did a great job reporting on the LEGO company, they have me getting my first LEGO "more than 25 years ago" (I think its tacky to print a woman's age...), I won a nationwide competition (exactly as I say it!) to get my job AND my one and only soundbite that was used had the word LEGOLAND in it. LL PR loves me right now!

Short and sweet, just the way I like it. Maybe they will post the video on their site... I'll keep looking and keep you posted.

Oh, and BTW, I loved that they even used The White Stripes video in the piece. I'm a huge White Stripes fan and that's one of my fave music videos ever! Awesome!

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