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Friday, December 29, 2006

Aaaaah...TGIF...Get me out of the zoo!

Now I'm not usually the type of girl that hangs on the second hand of the clock on Friday, but there is something about the time between Christmas and New Years that says slacker like when I tried to run track in high school. I tried my very best to squeeze out design work up until the very last minute... and I made it. I did not leave early... no - I triumphantly stayed after work and took a few photos 4 U (and The Man was late to pick me up,too).

Meanwhile, LL is breaking attendance records and there were tons of folks peering, banging and enjoying the window into the Model Builder's World. I felt like a monkey in the zoo! I waved, I smiled, I posed for pictures (I even offered a job to someone - Hope you're filling out that application, Bob, we need u ;) so yeah, much more traffic than usual, but all in a days work of a Brick Star on display.

Here's some old pics of my desk that I found online... Its a giant butterfly if your wondering... and you can look at me and/or my work during all open hours of LEGOLAND California if you peek into the Model Shop but I will not be in this New Years Weekend...

Old Model Shop Pics

Happy, Safe, Fun New Years Weekend, Folks!

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