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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kristi Does Christmas!

- with a little help from my friends - thanks guys! Luv you!

So I just spent the last 2 days working on getting all the decor into a little area we call the Enchanted Walk here at LEGOLAND. It is basically a little nature walk next to our golf course and also the same place we decorate for Halloween. I decorated it last year, too, so these pics are from last year, but I thought I'd put up some pics of things that won't be going out there this year.
(I try to mix it up a little).

Last year we had a girl stand under the mistletoe and the elf boy hiding from her... this year we have the boy standing under and it looks great cuz she has a deranged look on her face (girls can get a little nuts when we're in love ;)

Cute little woodland creatures around a christmas tree, last year... this year we worked way too efficiently and actually installed all the wooland creatures permanently into the landscape, so this will not be out this year.

...which means I will have to find someone else to help me decorate the tree.

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