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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Has the Element come from LEGOLAND?

Element by Bill Volbrecht, former LL Designer
Was the Honda Element inspired by LEGO?

Though it's been around since 2003, the Element is still popular, thanks, in part, to customers looking to downsize, trading in their big V6- and V8-powered

SUVs for something cheaper at the pumps.

Sure, the Element's design hasn't changed since its introduction - it still looks as if it rolled out of Legoland (for 2007, expect the Element to borrow styling cues from the Ridgeline pickup), but the vehicle impresses most in terms of cargo, passenger space and fuel economy.
Montreal Gazette

A current and former LL designer have both designed a Honda Element. This pic is of Bill Volbrecht's Element... I gotta hunt around Miniland for our version...

There are a few of these parked around the US, too!

You can see one of the life-sized LEGO Volvos at LEGOLAND, and you get special priviledges if you drive one there...

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