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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Halloween "Brick or Treat"

Halloween is ready at LEGOLAND...There is a Brick or Treat Trail where the kiddies can get some treats. Also we decorate Miniland differently every year... you really need to see all the really cool little scenes we put in there. I will post pics!

I didn't get to partake in the decorating this year (or last year for that matter) but I decorate for Xmas and I'll be getting ready after the last piece of candy has been dropped in a Halloween bucket. I did get the pleasure of designing the little Trail houses last year, and 2 years ago, Mariann, Eli and I designed and built all the little costume Minilanders and tons of new scenes. We've added a little more every year since the park has opened! MUST SEE!

The legend is true! Old Miniland Halloween 2000-2, (I'll bet Bill Volbrecht knows something about this)? Old Miniland Halloween 2000-2 Guess Who? Brickshelf

And More Brick-or-Treat for the years past... Brickshelf

Some flickr photos

Who can complain about working for anEmpire of FUN! Times Online UK

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