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Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Look, and a Job That Doesn't Stink!

When I first got started in my artistic career, I was trained by 3 very brilliant designers in silk flower arrangements and shop display/decor. It was a pretty excellent job in a really amazing place. I learned so much about color and composition as well as a trade that inspired me to eventually start my own business doing weddings and flowers in Los Angeles. I remember one lesson in particular about doing very simple all white display after the December holidays. I was told that white was calming and clean after dealing with the clutter of the over-the-top christmas displays for a month and a half.

So... I decided to use that philosophy on Brick Star, too. I just ditched the old blog template in favor of this nice, simple, white page. This is the beginning of a new time for me! On monday, I will have the pleasure of starting a new workweek... an opportunity that few people can say they have in the business world... I will be working FOUR TENS! That's right, under California Law, if the team is in agreement, they can vote to work 4 ten hour days (without overtime) and have THREE DAYS OFF/WEEK! What's a couple more hours a day when you're paid to play?

I will be enjoying 3 day weekends from now on. Yipeeee!

Can it get any better than this? I suppose so, if we could vote on the salary we would like... but for now, I have nuthin' to complain about!

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