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Friday, May 05, 2006

LEGOLAND Model Builder Search Tour - DONE!

Time to CELEBRATE! The LEGOLAND Model Builder Search Tour is officially OVER! We celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory in the Hancock Tower in Chicago and I actually ate some Cheesecake (I will continue my diet, later - I'm celebrating!)

I had so much fun on this tour. I've never done anything quite like this before, but with my events background, former Finalist experiences and love for LEGO, people and traveling, it was a natural fit for me. I became friends with 2 of the coolest girls at LEGOLAND, Julie and Mercedes (I knew I would like hanging with those 2!) and we got to share our love for putting 200% into our jobs, staying in good spirits, regardless what the situation, and topping the night off with a glass of wine!

Almost every model I saw on this tour was awesome! It's amazing what people can do in 1 hour with few bins of mixed LEGO bricks. There were so many people that I wish could have been Finalists and out of the Finalists, there are quite a few of them that I wish could have jobs here as Model Builders at LEGOLAND. I can't believe only one is going to be chosen!

I will give it a shot to get pics of every last model on this blog, if at all possible, prior to the Final Event at LEGOLAND on May 23, 2006. I will also keep posting as we get prepped for the Final Build-Off while showcasing the hard work the Model Shop is doing on Pirate Shores Models and Decor. I sincerely hope all Finalists will make it to LEGOLAND and enjoy every moment of the time they have here. I know I did.

To be completely honest, I had almost talked myself out of going to LEGOLAND 2 years ago to compete as a Finalist. I had thought that there was no way they would choose someone like me - and on other days, I thought - oh no, they are going to choose me and my life will be dumped upside down - and it did! I'm glad I made it there, I'm glad I was chosen and I'm so glad that I am here to help this 2nd round of Finalists have the amazing experiences I did.

May the best Builder win!

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