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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chicago Finalist Are Chosen!

LEGOLAND California has 4 new Finalists for its MODEL BUILDER SEARCH!

Click HERE to see the Pics of the 4 Chicago Finalists!

Announcing - The Finalists:
Anderson Grubb
Arthur Gugick
Sarah Hall
Ryan Ziegelbauer

Anderson competed in San Franciso and really almost could have made it there with his red bird. This time he went for a sword with a skull through it. (Kind of reminds me of Norbert's sword Who you can vote in as a Finalist HERE! If I recall from chatting with him as he happily built away in the last spot in San Fran MBS... he works for a Senator! He said his parents would kill him if he threw away the career he paid for in college on a low-paying artistic career but he threw together one of the nicest birds I've seen on the tour in SF and I let him know it was great. Hopefully that inspired him to make his way to Chicago because HE MADE IT!

Arthur showed up with a killer portfolio showcasing a real knack for miniature architectural models in minifig scale. Impressive events and PR stuff in his portfolio, too - Lord knows we do plenty of that! You can check out his LEGO portfolio HERE

Wired Article on Arthur Gugick

WKYC story on Him

is there more? Google him, you'll see!

Sarah Hall is one of 2 Female Finalists - other is Mandy Jouan (thank goodness - we needed some girls) She and Mandy have a lot in common with their degrees in the art field, a diverse array of artistic skills and talents and really cute LEGO Models. I love Sarahs Mermaid!

Ryan, made a pirate face with a knife between his teeth - clever idea! I didn't get a look at his resume, yet, but it was quite sculptural! Good Job!

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