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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yes, I worked on Easter...

If you call this work... ;)

I took a pic of this awesome Bricks In Bloom Event flower that someone made at LEGOLAND...

Here's an excellent flower!

This is my mom! She is working the Bricks in Bloom Event for 2 weeks!

Taylor(Model Shop Resetter - he makes sure the trains and cars keep going in Miniland)and Ryan (Model Shop Animator - he makes the LEGO Models move with magic!) I grabbed them to take a pic in the flower field - how cute!

A Gentleman proposed to a Lady in Miniland... I made a cute "Jen, will you marry me" sign and made them in Minilander... that was so much fun - I hope they get married here, then I'll really be in heaven (I used to be a floral designer and had a specialized events business in LA!)

Taylor working on a Miniland Car...

Here's the flower I made when I worked the Bricks in Bloom while my mom took her lunch.

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