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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MBS Dallas - YEEE HA

So we had a REALLY great Model Builder Search event today at The Art Institute of Dallas, Texas. We found three talented Finalists - 2 Jasons and a Clay.
Click HERE to SEE the Finalists Pics HERE!

Jason Poland's model is a sculptured pirate bust with his hair blowing in the "wind" and a mermaid in his hand. (It may be hard to see the details in the pic because it is finished all around!)

Jason Janik's wife and infant son cheered him on from the hall.

I didn't really meet Clay, but points for wearing the San Diego shirt! He's ready to come out for the final build-off at LEGOLAND for sure!

We had some very interesting and accomplished LEGO Builders, Artists and people with all different backgrounds and skills come out. Here's a couple of guys that built some cool pirate models.

It's On!

AI Culinary Student, Rae - was a helpful volunteer:

"This is embarrassing..."

We have Some ALOT of breakage from crate trauma.

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Shawn McManus said...

Thanks for posting the pics!