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Thursday, March 02, 2006

MB Search LA - SUCCESS!!!

Our LEGOLAND sales rep, Patricka, welcomes applicants at the registration table at The Art Institute - Los Angeles.

CLICK here to see the FINALISTS for Model Builder Search Los Angeles!!!

This was our first out-of-town stop at AI-LA and it came together quite nicely with some teamwork...

Here's a couple of behind the scenes pics of our applicants:

Shawn is an AI student majoring in Media Arts and Animation and she is about to graduate. She was one of our volunteers and she submitted an excellent model of a treasure chest and skull.

Is this guy the new face of the model shop or what? If only they were replacing me! Nice treasure chest, model too! I don't have a great pic of the model, but he even spelled LEGO on the back! It was quite detailed but just not enough time to finish the lid.

Mikhail Blokh, one of our talented FINALISTS, shows off some of his models that he brought from home to our documentary crew.

Pretty promising LEGO Models by these "Brick Stars", huh? I was truly impressed by not just the LEGO models (some of the applicants had no experiences with LEGO as a medium) but some of the portfolios that were brought in as well. There were applicants (mostly men, though - come on girls, where are you?) from all walks of life (we even had a Pediatrician!)

The really cool thing about this job is that there are no educational requirements for this position. Now of course, some of us in the Model Shop are sporting college degrees and collectively we have an incredibly impressive repetoire of LEGO, Education, Experience and artistic accomplishments on our team. However, if Sculptor Sam were to walk in to our next stop on Thursday, Mar. 9, 2006 in San Fran, with only his high school diploma, great attitude, and the best LEGO Model we have ever seen - He could be THE ONE!

We had a great time working with our team, AI-LA and their student volunteers, our documentary crew, The Santa Monica Daily Press, and HDN (High Definition Network is going to air a detailed piece). It was exciting and exhausting but we have had the pleasure of congratulating 4 more talented FINALISTS: Mikhail Blokh, Gabriel Castorena, Hanif Payandeh and Joseph Petkoff.

Check out their pics here:
CLICK here to see the FINALISTS for Model Builder Search Los Angeles!!!

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