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Friday, March 10, 2006

Good Morning Sacramento!

So Thursday (our big Model Builder Search day in SF) Julie and I got up nice and early at 3:30am and took off for Sacramento's morning show "Good Morning Sacramento" on UPN 31. The night before, despite traveling and set-up exhaustion, I made a few plans and some prototype pieces so I could put together their Logo on air.

The show was a blast; it seems like the anchors have almost as much fun as I do at work! I was a little nervous, but there's nothing like a 2 hour deadline to get me to focus and forget about it. They cut to me building a few times on air and in between, with a little help from Julie Estrada (yes, even our Public Relatations Rep can snap some LEGO!) we threw together miniature versions of the news anchors. They had the little LEGO Mark S. Allen running around the newsroom on camera - it was so cute!

Julie got on camera and nailed her interview with Mark while I built away and I finished on time!

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