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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

KUSI - 2/22 Went GREAT!

Three of the finalists from the first Build-off at Legoland competed
on KUSI morning news today. John Cooper, Mandy Jouan and Ryan Rolla were there when we arrived with a van full of Lego Models, Art and Bricks. They had 45 minutes to build whatever they wished. John built a red parrot, Mandy built a sitting monkey and dude, Ryan built an awesome wave. The news cut to them a bunch of times, but everyone is SO nice at KUSI hopefully the finalists weren't too nervous!

When the time was up, Julie E. got up with the anchors to judge - somehow it was a draw - "Everyone is a winner" I believe was the quote. I can see what they mean, these finalists are all so good and have great qualities that could make them the next Model Builder.

2 years ago on the First MB Search, I was in their shoes. A total of 6 of the 27 finalists of the 2004 MB Search have worked in the Model Shop. Maybe we'll see more than one of these faces, too someday...

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