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Friday, May 12, 2006

CONGRATS to Eric Hunter!

Eric continues Model Shop tradition of wearing the part of the model he was working on.

Our own Eric Hunter has been promoted to the position of Model Designer! Eric was a finalist in the first LEGOLAND Model Builder Search a couple years ago. He had the funniest resume I have ever seen (it was a Rice Crispies box with his face as Snap, Crackle and Pop and all stuff about him on it - so cute!) It was so memorable that when we needed some Model Gluers for Miniland New York Relaunch and the Freedom Tower, Pat DeMaria, our Manager, called him first. He accepted the temporary position. He immediatly became a part of the team with his incredible talent and sense of humor so as soon as a Model Builder position was open, he was hired in full-time!

Congratulations on a much deserved promotion! We all went out and celebrated at Carlsbad Village Pub last night... Cheers to a great member of our team!

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