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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

MB Search San Diego Feb 20

After being involved with the fast and exciting planning process for the 2006 Model Builder Search, I was so excited for this big day. I started the day out by giving a presentation in the theme park, showing off some of the things I've had a chance to work on while we got this event underway.

Model Builder Search, 2006, has begun right here in Carlsbad, Ca, at the LEGOLAND California theme park. For those of you that don't know me yet, since I just started this blog, I am Kristi Klein, a Legoland Model Designer. 2 Years ago, Legoland held its very first nationwide search for the coveted job of Master Model Builder. Over 600 applicants (and many challenges later!!!) I won! I won an awesome job at Legoland California and an opportunity to be part of a team creating art made out of the most artistic medium I could ever imagine. Now, 2 years later, I am one of a team of 4 Legoland employees going out on the road, searching for the next Model Builder.

Monday was our first day, the BIG Kickoff day for Model Builder Search. The weekend long kickoff event was put together by the wonderful and talented Mercedes Casey, Coordinator for the LLC Events Dept. Complete with awesome cheerleaders, the 5 Model Builders doing presentations on their LEGO artwork and beautiful and creatively talented Danica McKellar from West Wing winning a "Building With the Stars" competition against 2 really cute San Diego Chargers.

Tim Petsche and San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver Kassim Osgood

Eric Hunter and San Diego Chargers Punter Mike Scifres

I was sooo nervous speaking to the guests about my work, but my speech class and Media Training (thanks LLC - for the free training!) really helped me practice public speaking! My colleagues did great also; speaking and helping guests build another Eric Hunter (Model Builder - Photoshop-Whiz) LEGO Mosaic/Mural.

So, after I was done with my part of delivering the LEGO glued trophies fresh out of our Model Shop to the Building with the Stars, (I ate a quick lunch) and met up with media in our Admin Building. I gave them a quick challenge to build a LEGO flower (a creation close to my heart) and then I ran off to.....


The LEGOLAND Model Builder Search is a real job search. Our team put the word out on, Monster, all newspapers etc, to let people know about this exclusive job opening. About 20 amazingly qualified applicants showed up to our hiring event at 3pm Monday afternoon. They each went in and built a pirate themed model in 1 hour with the LEGO bricks provided. Extra points to the applicants that looked like they could be pirates! ARRR! We had a documentary crew doing interviews with a random selection of applicants. All of the models were good, except 1 or 2. I think a couple people cracked under the pressure of the media crews milling around, but that is part of our [my] job to be in a workshop visible to the public visiting Legoland Theme Park. We model builders often give interviews and do events where we have to artistically perform. Some of these applicants emerged from the scrutiny with excellent models. Four of them were selected to compete in the Finals... and whoa... it was hard to decide but

HERE THEY ARE - pics of the 4 finalists and their models:


John Cooper and Mandy Jouan have their pic in North County Times:

North County Times 2/20/2006

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